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Affordable SEO Service for Dental Offices

Affordable SEO Company offers Dental SEO service for dental offices:   Dental website design and development based on the Word Press platform Dentist SEO optimization for dental practices Dental SEO and Internet Marketing analysis Press Release and Blog maintenance Google AdWords campaign setup, optimization and maintenance for dental keywords Google Local Place for Business optimization as a part of the Dental SEO Social Media accounts setup and management as a part of Social Media Optimization Content development for dental websites, press releases and blog posts. Dental content copywriting Read more …

Small Business Websites Should Think About Google Penguin Updates

If you ever thought as a webmaster that Google were on your side that myth may have been blown out of the water with Google Penguin. In the past Google have slowly rolled out changes and seen the effects they have had on sites before rolling them out completely. It seems with Google Penguin though Google have got fed up with being patient and just rolled out massive algorithm changes with little regard for what websites it effects. Google say Penguin improves search results for Read More +