Helpful SEO Tips

SEO enterprises should be aware of the changing dynamics in technological world of optimization. If they don’t follow the latest guidelines then this will be bad for their service and they cannot get the expected results. If they upgrade their technique according to the new guidelines in changing world of optimization then they should automatically expect to gain. Onsite SEO: To rank the website well the SEO enterprise should try improving the title tag, load speed, structure of the site, etc. Content: While providing the Read More +

10 SEO Things to Know

If you want SEO implemented on your website, you need to know what it’s all about and how it works. What follows is a list of 10 things you must know before optimizing your website. Up to 90% of people find websites using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Of those who use search engines, between 70 and 80% only look at results on the first page. They don’t dig deeper into the search. SEO techniques make it possible to get a website listed on the Read More +

The use of SEO is most advisable in today’s marketing scenario

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Optimizers) or søgemaskineoptimering (as the Danish like to refer to it), is the strategy used to enhance or increment the visibility of a website or webpage or a blog in the results that are shown when one types in a certain keyword that is intimately associated with the content that is present in the said website, in reputed search engines. It is a time-tested technique that has been garnering a steady support and has been generating numerous job opportunities and Read More +

Will be your website ranking affected by GoDaddy Tango Down

Today’s security breach took place at GoDaddy which resulted GoDaddy to be down for a few hours today. The web hosting, the email hosting. the domain management and domain registration have been affected for almost a half a day. GoDaddy website has been unavailable most of the afternoon.    What happened? The GoDaddy site has been hacked by genius AnonymousOwn3r who previously hacked Facebook and FBI sites. read more …

Halloween is fast approaching

With Halloween fast approaching the seo industry in Tampa is gearing itself up for the obligatory Halloween parties held throughout the city. If you are going to such a Halloween bash what can you dress up as so that you can ensure as fun filled a Halloween as possible? Well being an seo professional you could pick a fancy dress theme related to marketing and computers. You could for example dress up as a geek wearing a shirt and tie and geeky glasses, finishing off your outfit Read More +

Affordable SEO for Local Small Businesses

97% of Americans look for local goods and services online so there is basically no type of business who can’t benefit from having a website and making sure it can be found by the right people. Appearing in organic search results on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo costs nothing in itself and if you want to appear for locally focused terms it can be relatively little work to make sure you appear top or close to top of results using seo. Seo ( Search Read More +

Google Want Unique Valuable Content

It’s not just duplicate content that will affect where you rank it seems but Matt Cutts of Google’s Webspam team also wants to see you bring additional value. Based on interviews with him on the matter if you have the same content as another site just written differently Google will try to catch this and while based on other factors you might have ranked second to another similar page you could get knocked down off the first page. If your SEO should have you on the first Read More +

12 SEO Steps for Small Business

These 12 steps are based on Google’s advice to small business owners with websites they may not have time to invest in with SEO research but who want to make sure they don’t get penalized and make sure they do benefit from organic SEO. 301 permanent redirects Use 301 permanent redirects to avoid pages appearing as duplicate content including with and without www. and with or without a / at the end of a URL. Duplicate content will be penalized in results, you should focus any link building Read More +

SEO for Small Business Can Be Done Right Way

As a small business finding time to do your SEO internally is one of the biggest barriers you will come across, unfortunately to do it well you need to work at it, this means setting aside time each day, either that or outsourcing it. SEO is partly about trial and error, once you have it setup rather than just leaving it you need to maintain it and as a lantern will go out if you don’t keep turning the wick your SEO rankings will drop and die out if you Read More +

Panda and Penguin Updates explained by Matt Cutts

According to Matt Cutts the Penguin Penalty isn’t what Google consider a penalty but simply an Algorithm change. All semantics really but Matt Cutts in an interview at SMX (the Search Marketing Expo) certainly didn’t seem to suggest he or Google had any remorse for the Penguin update they unleashed earlier this year. In an interview that will be fascinating to anyone with a passing interest in Search Engine Optimization Matt Cutts also confirms that there are no Penguin Updates yet despite what some think Read More +