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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO by definition stands for Search Engine Optimization The SEO process takes anywhere between 3 to 12 months and sometimes longer depending on the competitiveness of the the products and services provided by your business and geographical location the SEO optimization is targeting.

We have organized the SEO optimization project on various phases that proven to be essential for successful SEO optimization.

We start with the SEO Ranking Analysis. This step will provide information in regards to your website keyword ranking,  your competition and the feasibility of the selected keywords.

After the successful selection of the keywords the On-site SEO phase begins. This will assist to your website to be Google search content friendly. We will revise your website content, meta tags, titles and keyword density and then will suggest improvements to the site content. More over you do nee to employ a professional writer as we have a professional editor on staff ready to work on the content of your website right away.

The Off-site SEO phase follows the On-site SEO phase.  This is what helps your website to gain popularity on various search Engines like Google and is responsible for incoming traffic to your website pages. This phase  includes inbound links building, article content writing and article submissions, forums participation, blog commenting and blog posting, social networking and bookmarking activities.

It may take a few month before your target traffic will start growing significantly and while you are waiting for your SEO ranking to pickup Pay per Click (PPC) marketing may temporarily to help you to gain more targeted traffic to your website.  Pay per click is a web advertising concept in which the host is paid to click on the ads of an advertiser. This model is adopted by search engines, forums, content pages and blogs. The most renowned of them all is the Google AdWords which is the most revenue earning source estimated to up to $29 Billion in 2010

Every month we produce the SEO report to our customers to demonstrate the progress of the SEO optimization process based on the various SEO related indicators and your website traffic report. This report is used to adjust our efforts in regards to utilization of the keywords which can generate more targeted traffic to your site. We want to assure   you that traffic to your website as well as other SEO indicators are reviewed on a weekly basis to make sure we are ahead of the game.