The use of SEO is most advisable in today’s marketing scenario

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Optimizers) or søgemaskineoptimering (as the Danish like to refer to it), is the strategy used to enhance or increment the visibility of a website or webpage or a blog in the results that are shown when one types in a certain keyword that is intimately associated with the content that is present in the said website, in reputed search engines.

It is a time-tested technique that has been garnering a steady support and has been generating numerous job opportunities and is gradually coming into its own as an entire industry by itself. This unique trend of online marketing started towards the mid-1990s when the internet was becoming more widely available and more people were getting personal computers.

Creators of websites and content providers for these sites came up with this method at the time when the initial search engines were preparing catalogues of the content found on the World Wide Web.

There are many kinds of searches that can be optimized using this technique. Anything ranging from an image search or local search to even the more specified vertical search engines (the ones which instead of cataloguing the entire Web, maintain a refined pool of internet content which they tap into to come up with links when one types a keyword into the search box).

The first instance of the official term for this method, that of SEO, was used by John Audette and his company the Multimedia Marketing Group, in the year 1997. The entire process of content cataloguing involves the action of a web crawler or bot or ant (as it is known by many terms), to extract information from a site and store it in the search engine’s records. It is then displayed, owing to the appropriateness to the keyword typed. Looking for more advise about seo ?, look no further than