Monthly Archives: September 2012

The use of SEO is most advisable in today’s marketing scenario

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Optimizers) or søgemaskineoptimering (as the Danish like to refer to it), is the strategy used to enhance or increment the visibility of a website or webpage or a blog in the results that are shown when one types in a certain keyword that is intimately associated with the content that is present in the said website, in reputed search engines. It is a time-tested technique that has been garnering a steady support and has been generating numerous job opportunities and Read More +

Will be your website ranking affected by GoDaddy Tango Down

Today’s security breach took place at GoDaddy which resulted GoDaddy to be down for a few hours today. The web hosting, the email hosting. the domain management and domain registration have been affected for almost a half a day. GoDaddy website has been unavailable most of the afternoon.    What happened? The GoDaddy site has been hacked by genius AnonymousOwn3r who previously hacked Facebook and FBI sites. read more …

Halloween is fast approaching

With Halloween fast approaching the seo industry in Tampa is gearing itself up for the obligatory Halloween parties held throughout the city. If you are going to such a Halloween bash what can you dress up as so that you can ensure as fun filled a Halloween as possible? Well being an seo professional you could pick a fancy dress theme related to marketing and computers. You could for example dress up as a geek wearing a shirt and tie and geeky glasses, finishing off your outfit Read More +