How Can Google+ Benefit My Tampa-Based Small Business?

SEO Tampa and Google +Google+ is the new kid on the block when it comes to social networking sites, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Now that branded Google+ pages have gone live, you can start promoting your Tampa-based business is whole new ways. Namely, these new business pages provide SEO Tampa, or search engine optimization for Tampa businesses.

Assuming Google+ continues to grow and extend its adoption rate, it has the potential to be valuable for small businesses looking to increase visibility and improve relationships with customers. How can it do this potentially better than other social networks like Twitter or Facebook, you might be wondering? Setting up a brand page for your business on Google+ will make it so people searching for your brand can just add a “+” before they type in their search on Google to see your profile. Likewise, if people search for your business using Google Maps, they’ll see a result for your profile appear as well. Essentially, any SEO efforts you put into place will go farther and yield improved results with less work.

Once you’ve set up your profile to improve SEO, Tampa visibility, and marketability, you can start to use Google+ as it was intended—to interact with your customers. Post questions for your customers to see what they’d like to see more of on your profile. Offer discounts and coupons, and foster discussion. However, what really separates Google+ from its competitors is the “Hangouts” features, which is a type of video chat.

With Hangouts, you can have face-to-face discussions with your customers, live! You can hear directly from the people who matter the most, on the spot. And with improved SEO, Tampa residents will be able to find you easily. All of these factors go a long way toward increasing your customer base and improving your sales numbers.

If anything, building up your Google+ business profile gives you yet another opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and get direct feedback from your customers. Immediate feedback is hard to beat.

By diversifying your social media usage with SEO, Tampa businesses improve their chances of attracting new customers, gaining repeat customers, and building a better company. Even if you’re reluctant, give Google+ a try. It’s fast to set up a profile and you won’t lose anything if the network fails to take off. However, you have everything to gain.