Great to See Kids Running Races

A good number of kids has particiapted in todays annual Too Good for Drugs Jr. Gasparilla Distance Classic. More than 1,700 children, ages 2 to 10, already have registered for the races, which feature distances from 30 yards to a mile at the University of Tampa’s Pepin Stadium, race officials said today. Last year’s event had 1,300 participants. Source: Tampa Bay Online

Is IT OK to Sell Links?

Is it OK  to sell links off your website? You worked so hard and your site finally has PR5 (for the sake of argument). Should you be able to sale links to offset the price you paid for getting your website to be so popular? I think, Why not? If Google sells ads with AdWords helps and making billions on that business. Why can’t I  sell ads off my website? For some reason public opinion is different on the fact that Forbes has been in business selling Read More +

How important domain name for SEO

Is it important to have a domain name  for your website that contains the keyword(s)? For instance, for a keyword search “dentist partners”.  This website was ranked #1 on the keyword “dentist partners” within about 2 months. I think Google does consider this as positive factor. Depending on a level of competition the domain name relevance to search keywords may play significant role in a website ranking. The higher competition the less credits your website gets for the domain name relevance. On my experience Read More +

Welcome to SEO Tampa!

Welcome to our Tampa SEO Blog. Let’s discuss the SEO and Web Marketing related topics. What is SEO and How much it may cost you? How SEO optimization may benefit your small business in todays state of the economy? Why do I need SEO? Feel free to ask all these questions and also any new ideas and topics are welcome.