Google Webmaster Tools: Free Ticket to SEO

Google Webmaster Tools

Picture credit: Google

SEO or search engine optimization has never been more keenly felt by the corporate or business houses. With the web having infiltrated every branch of human existence site optimization is going to be the tool with which different corporate houses will be able to carve a separate niche for itself in the commerce and business field with their online resources. It is the sole motto of any website administrator to have more and more people visiting their sites. In this way he will ensure that he will increase the ranking of his site by different search engines in general and Google search engine in particular. The best way to keep track on the traffic coming to a particular site can easily be found out with help of Webmaster’s Google tools.

Back links building is one of the most effective forms of SEO which is carried out by everyone. Back links are one of the most important parts of the site and it plays a very big part in the ranking which is done by Google. Google Webmaster’s tools can help you in finding out the details of the back links which your site is possessing. It will also help in finding about the quality of the back links.

The first step for getting the Webmasters Google tool is the process of registration. The process of registration is pretty simple and what you need to do is to feed your site’s name and other features of your website. Once the details of the site are verified by Google you can upload the site map and the links which you want to get analyzed. The Google Webmaster tools will check different SEO parameters like keywords, Meta tags, and links, among others. You must ensure that your site is fine tuned so that you can get the maximum benefits of the Google Webmasters Tools.

Among the different informations which you can gain from the Webmaster’s tools include the number of links your site is bearing. The dead links and other dormant or useless links will also be highlighted by the Google tools. Google Webmaster’s Tools will also help you by alerting against malwares and crawl errors. In this age of cutthroat competition, there will be no dearth of persons who will take to unethical ways to bring your site down. If you are able to identify such threats and remove them from your site, it will make your website safer and user friendly. It will also help to prevent any virus from attacking your website.

The key words are another important part of any SEO process and must be given due importance. They are especially important since they are beacons which direct the traffic to your site. If the keyword selection is correct, it means half the work for the optimization of your site is over. Google Webmasters tools can help to find different keywords which are relevant to the subject of your site. Therefore Google webmaster tools is process to fast track your site to a higher ranking.