Are we closer to understand Google’s Panda Algorithm?

Are we closer to understand Google Panda

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It is several months since the Google Panda update and still people can’t agree what the changes mean. Does it mean a new type of SEO and that everything done to date is wasted? Or, as many think, does it mean that quality content, that the best SEO experts have always recommended, is now absolutely key and poor keyword stuffed content has no value at all anymore?

Well an important part of the new algorithm is said to look at how long searchers spend on a site they have clicked on, this won’t affect your pagerank but will impact on how you rank for particular keywords. If you try to rank high for keywords that you aren’t relevant too or which are too ambiguous you will get a high bounce rate and Google will see that and adjust how they rank you. No more can you optimize for a popular keyword to get thousands of visitors even if only a small percentage stay on the site. You now need to be focused and ensure you actually offer something to everyone, even people that are never going to buy from you you may want to serve up great content to.

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